4 Best Business Laptops That You Should Own

4 Best Business Laptops That You Should Own

Business laptops are an ensemble of productivity, features, and design. Long battery life is another important criterion, since you may need to be mobile for a major part of the day. To get all of it, you need to select from the best business laptops.
Having a business laptop that suits your profile and needs is essential for every busy executive. It needs to be highly productive, rich in features that will make your job easy, have a professional look and also have a long battery life so that you can work on it on the move. However, there is another important feature that every professional love to have in the best business Laptops; it needs to be lightweight. Indeed, in keeping with tremendous advancements in the world of smartphones, business laptops have become sleek and lightweight. Let us go through some of the best business laptops.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

It is smaller and lighter than its previous model. While being light, it is also tough and durable as it has been reinforced with carbon fiber. It comes with almost all I/O ports you need and also has an improved touchpad. With a battery life of 15.5 hours and an array of features, this can be a great laptop for professionals on the move. But the first thing you need is productivity, and you can get ample amount of it from this device. It boasts of Intel 8th Gen Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD Drive. With the basics for enhanced productivity in ample supply, you also get Intel UHD Graphic. So if you need some quick graphics job for the presentation, you can get that from this device. The ensemble of performance, productivity, features, ease of use and long battery life makes this one of the best business laptops.

Dell XPS 13

Despite having a small, just 11 inches, frame it boasts of a 13.3-inch display. This is possible due to the bezel-less ‘infinity edge’ display of this device. The Intel Kaby Lake processors in this device deliver quite a punch. For performance, it has 16 GB RAM and a 1TB M2 SSD drive. You also get an exceptional battery life of 22 hours. This makes it a perfect fit for executives who need to go out a lot. The ensemble of features, battery life, display, and performance makes it one of the best business laptops in every sense of the word.

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

The Apple MacBook Pro has Intel dual-core processors. You can get it in Core i5 to Core i7 configurations. In terms of RAM, the capacity varies from 8GB to 16GB. For storage, you have the option of choosing from 256GB to 512GB PCIe SSD hard drive. This makes it a performer and easy-to-use business laptop. If you need graphics, you can get it in Intel Iris Plus Graphics. The screen size of 13.3-inch and resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 lets you work on the presentation with ease anywhere. The Touch Bar, a thin OLED display placed above the keyboard, lets you work on various applications. The whole ensemble makes it one of the best business laptops that you can get. The battery life at about 14 hours is not bad either.

Lenovo ThinkPad E470

The laptop boasts of 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, and 1TB SATA hard disc. With all the basic performance indicators in ample supply, let us see what else it has in store. It has a 14-inch antiglare display, a spill-resistant keyboard, a click-pad with 3+2 buttons, a TrackPoint and an adequate number of ports for all your input or output requirements. If you need graphics then it is there for you too. A Nvidia GeForce 940MX 2GB Graphics Processor Unit will meet your requirements. Performance-wise, it can give some other laptops a run for their money. However, in terms of battery life, it falls short of some of its competitors as it has a battery life of around 8.4 hours. This may be less than warranted for some busy professionals.

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