4 essential features to look for in a camera phone

4 essential features to look for in a camera phone

We have almost every memory stored in the form of a photograph, thanks to camera phones. While these phones started off with not such great cameras, the quality of these cameras has become better over time.

So, what does it take to make a phone one of the best mobile phone cameras? Here are a few features.

  • Megapixels (MP): Megapixels are all about quality. It refers to the quality of the image. The higher the number of megapixels, the better willl be the quality of the image even when enlarged or blown up. These are known as hi-res images. Some of the best mobile phone cameras are 12MP and higher.
  • Internal Memory: This is also an important factor while selecting a good camera phone. Today most camera phones also store documents, music, videos, etc. This means that apart from hi-res images, quite a bit of storage space is taken up by these as well. Therefore, while selecting a phone with a camera, it is imperative that one also looks at the internal storage space of the phone. And in case the storage space is not very high, make sure the phone has an expandable storage option.
  • Lens: Another crucial factor while looking at best mobile phone cameras is their lens. The lens makes sure the image captured is as close as possible to what the human eye sees. Thus, selecting a camera phone that has a good lens is very important.
  • Flash: Most camera phones come with a dual LED flash. Although this is decent enough, it doesn’t provide enough light to take pictures in motion, especially in the dark. Some of the best mobile phone cameras come with a Xenon flash that is about 10,000 times more powerful than a LED flash. However, phones with the Xenon flash run out of battery pretty soon. So you’ll have to pick and choose wisely.

So, now that you have a fair idea of what makes a good camera phone, we hope you make the best choice while selecting one.

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