4 types of replacement doors to choose from

4 types of replacement doors to choose from

Like every other piece of furniture in the house, even doors start wearing out after a certain period of time. When you observe that a door, whether it is your front door or the bedroom door, has started wearing out, it’s time to get it replaced. Choosing the right replacement door might be a task as it is not just some aesthetic piece of home decor; it has to be sturdy enough to prevent people from breaking in. In fact, a strong and stylish replacement door will be the right factor to improve the security level of your house while also enhancing its curb appeal.

If you are in the search for the best replacement doors, you’ll need some help in finding the right type. So, take a look at the different type of doors and ensure that you choose the one that meets all your requirements.

Fiberglass doors
Fiberglass doors are usually the popular choice when it comes to replacement doors as they have all the qualities that make a door worth every penny you spend. Fiberglass doors are strong, durable, energy efficient, and are available in a variety of choices. Most of these doors look remarkably like genuine wood, and beneath the fiberglass exterior lies the core made of foam insulation.

Solid wood doors
Solid wood doors are the regular, traditional doors that a majority of houses have. Though solid wooden doors might be the right choice for an old house, they are not very energy-efficient. In fact, a solid wooden door can swell and shrink according to the temperature and humidity changes. Moreover, it can warp, bow, or crack, which makes it a doubtful choice for maintaining a weather-tight seal, irrespective of how carefully the weatherstripping is installed.

Insulated wood doors
Insulated wood doors are a perfect choice if you wish to buy replacement doors that look like solid wooden doors but are devoid of the problems that accompany these doors. Such doors have a foam insulation core, which is covered by wood veneer and has narrow wood strips along all the door edges.

Steel doors
As the name suggests, the prime component of these doors is steel. Such doors have a foam core and steel skin and are solid, stable, durable, and energy efficient. Though the style choices for these types of replacement doors are limited, you’ll still get good value for your money.

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