5 reasons why you need to switch back to flip cell phones

5 reasons why you need to switch back to flip cell phones

With the technological advancements in the smartphone industry these days, purchasing a cell phone has become more confusing than ever. A wide array of cell phones awaits you at the electronic store from smartphones to iPhones and not forgetting the comeback of the classic flip cell phones and slide mobile phones. So how do you choose between these different types of phones? With the comeback of flip cell phones and improvement in the user interface, should you purchase a flip phone or go with the usual smartphone these days is using? If you are confused and in two minds about purchasing slide mobile phones, here are five reasons to consider before purchasing this phone.

Screen protection
Slide mobile phones cover the screen of the cell phone when it is not being used which gives the screen extra protection. It also protects the keypad from being punctured. The latest smartphones leave you feeling paranoid about the screen damage in case you drop your phone. Your screen is also safe from scratches in your purse from keys or cosmetics.

Keypad protection and privacy
In smartphones, the touchpad is very sensitive to touch which leads to random pocket dialing because the phone screen is exposed. With flip cell phones, the phone covers the keypad when not in use avoiding pocket dialing and protecting your privacy. You don’t have to be constantly worried about unknowingly dialing a far-off relative or friend whom you haven’t spoken to in years!

Slide mobile phones are very durable because they are very sturdy as compared to today’s delicate smartphones. The only weak point of these phones is the hinge that allows the phone to slide or flip. This is the only area that the user needs to be careful about because if extra force or pressure is put while closing the phone, the hinge can be damaged or simply break. Although the hinge replacement isn’t very expensive, this could be quite a tedious task for repairing.

Slide mobile phones and flip cell phones are way cheaper than the current smartphones available in the market. Since the design is a blast from the past, the only newest innovation done is the user interface and operating system. Most of the cell phone brands out there provide cheap purchase plans, and a lot of mobile operators also offer plans on such phones. If you are on a tight budget are a looking for a good quality phone with good durability, flip cell phones are the best choice for you.

Phone servicing
Since these phones are cheaper than the current smartphones in the market, the servicing of these phones is cheap as well. Unlike expensive smartphones where you need to shell out huge chunks of money for a minor screen damage, flip cell phones require minimum expenditure on any damage and any local service center can also fix your phone instead of sending it to the branded service center.

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