6 popular phones that are compatible with Safelink

6 popular phones that are compatible with Safelink

Safelink is a government initiative that provides free cell phone and services to the low-income group. A lot of customers have benefitted from Safelink wireless services. Under Safelink wireless services, the qualifying customer gets a free cell phone that has unlimited texting and limited phone calls with no extra charge.

Safelink phones are government-aided cell phones, and hence, they are not that fancy. Some of them do not have the latest features. All these phones work on the TracFone network, so the phones are prepaid ones. The customer can purchase additional minutes online at tracfone.com.

As TracFone is the wireless carrier for Safelink phones, here are some the smartphones that Safelink wireless service works well on:

  • Tracfone Alcatel One Touch Sonic: This phone gives triple minutes. Alcatel One Touch is an Android-based 4.6” smartphone.
  • Motorola Moto E: This Android prepaid phone is quite a steal. Motorola Moto E comes with triple minutes and a Dual Core Snapdragon processor. This prepaid phone comes with a 400-minute card.
  • LG TracFone 306 G: This a no-contract phone with a little smaller 3.2” screen. Moreover, LG TracFone has a standby battery life of 11 days and a 2.0MP camera. But, all in all, a great, sturdy, and lightweight phone.
  • LG Sunset L33L: This phone has Android 5.0 Lollipop OS that makes for easy functionality.
  • Alcatel One Touch Icon: This cell phone has a built-in FM radio. The Alcatel One Touch Icon comes with triple minutes and has a decent 5” screen. This Safelink phone is better than its previous model.
  • Tracfone Galaxy Stardust: This one’s a popular Android phone with 3G enabled speed and decent pricing. It makes it to the list of Safelink compatible phones.

Safelink phones can be applied for online through safelinkwireless.com. Though Safelink phones are specifically designed for low-income groups, the limit is one cell phone per household. Once you enter your zip code, you can see if this government-enabled program is available in your area. Follow the steps, give documents required for verification, and you are good to go.

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