A checklist for used car auction deals

A checklist for used car auction deals

Being prepared for a used car auction sale is always an advantage to close the best deal. If a buyer is surfing at an auction to buy a car, then the constraint factor was money and therefore choosing the right car is essential if you do not want to end up with a car that requires major repairs. Let us look at some of the core things that will help you evaluate the car and the deal:

  • Remember that any car you buy, however good the deal, there will be post-buy challenges that are required to be dealt with. So instead of playing all chips in, it is better to keep a few chips for the maintenance of the bought car. It always helps to have a foresight.
  • Look closely as that is what used car auctions allow. Since you cannot test drive the car, you have to look for all signs of a cover-up especially if the car had been majorly damaged. Looking at the exterior, interior, and under the wood will help to notice anything that is totally out of place.
  • At the same time, don’t believe only your eyes. Sometimes a salvageable vehicle may be hidden in worst hit cars that have more aesthetic damage than under the major hood damage. You can change the hood but not the engine.
  • Look at the details. Start by looking at the VIN at the windshield and try seeing the numbers repeat on the door or other places. If the number repeats then the parts are intact since institution, otherwise the car has been under serious damage.
  • Looking at engine oil lubrication is a good place to start. See if the oil levels are maintained and see the difference of how the actual oils are. Comparing burnt oil with new oil is not that difficult. Touch and feel say it all.
  • Most important of all, learn to let go so that you don’t get played. If the car is too hyped then drop it as it will save you money.

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