A Guide to the Best Rated Mattresses by Consumer Reports

A Guide to the Best Rated Mattresses by Consumer Reports

You come from a tough day at work hoping that the night’s rest will rejuvenate you to face the challenges of the next day. But when you wake up, your body aches. What could be the reason? Stress?

Think a bit deeper.

Does your mattress give you comfort? Maybe not. Because not all mattresses suit your sleeping position. So before choosing a mattress, you should ensure that it gives you comfort. It can be really confusing to decide the right mattress for your requirements because of the sheer variety and options available in the market.

Therefore, to buy the best mattress, you should consider a guide to the best mattresses rated by consumer reports.

The following are the best-rated mattresses according to consumer reports:

Casper Mattresses
Casper is one of the big names in this industry which offers a wide range of sleep products includes sheets, pillows, and mattresses online. These features make it number one on the list of the best-rated mattresses according to consumer reports:

  • Casper Mattresses are made of four layers of foam for better relief of back pain.
  • The cover is 100% polyester, which is soft and breathable too.
  • The comfort layer is 1.5 inches, which helps in getting comfortable sleep.

One more reason why customers rate it as one of the best mattresses is that you can get 100-days of trial for free, and the brand has no-hassle returns. For them, consumers are their top priority, therefore they provide free shipping service for all their online purchases.

Denver Mattresses
Denver Mattresses is a regional seller with online as well as offline stores in about 30 states. They are popular for having their own manufacturing unit which makes them provide alternative bedding options such as Visco, Latex, Internal Massager that can be a lifesaver for someone, and therefore it is number two on our list of the best-rated mattresses by consumer reports:

  • It offers good resilience.
  • It has limited pressure and provides pain relief potential.
  • Denver Mattresses are quite affordable and easily accessible.

Novaform Mattress
Novaform Mattress uses a combination of base foam, gel, and memory foam which provides a cool sleep solution. They have a huge range of mattresses such as Plush, Altabella with twenty-year minimum warranty. Their mattresses have proven to distribute body weight for all-night comfort and sleep. According to consumer reports, these mattresses are rated as one of the best for the following reasons:

  • It is considered as most comfortable mattresses for side sleepers.
  • It gives firmness and lack of heat buildup.
  • It is designed to reduce pressure at 7 key pressure points.

Sealy Mattresses
Choosing the best mattress for a particular sleep position is a headache for consumers. Sealy mattresses are 12 inches high, and it is good at muting vibrations. They are known for their excellence and reliable materials, and it takes a top position in consumer reports about the best mattresses with following features:

  • It allows good motion transfer.
  • It is engineered using superior materials.
  • It gives firmness to prevent back pain.

Serta Mattresses
Serta mattress models range from low priced mattresses to premium mattresses that provide great value. It is perfect for most sleepers, and it is fairly advanced in terms of design and materials. It minimizes pressure and increases sleep quality for consumers. There is no requirement of topper in these mattresses.

  • It has good durability.
  • It allows greater motion isolation.
  • These mattresses are easy to lift and handle.

Mattresses are one of the most beneficial products which assist people in having a better sleep at night so that they can return to their ventures with a fresh mind every morning. So, you should be very choosy while selecting a mattress, and browse through all options such as foam, gel, and memory foam. The mattresses should adjust to your body and should suit your sleeping position. With the right matress, you won’t be bothered by recurring back pain.

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