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Will my premium get cheaper each year if I stick with the same insurer?

This is unlikely, certainly in the long term - when a customer gets out of the habit of shopping around, insurers typically take advantage and inflate renewal premiums.


How do you find the right health insurance plan?

Get in touch with your specialist, make an estimate of your healthcare needs, and weigh the risk vs. reward to be able to find the right health care plan for yourself.


Which are the common types of general insurance?

Motor insurance, property insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, treatment cover, health insurance, and family floater policy are among the common general insurances available.


What kind of coverages are provided by Say insurance?

1. Auto Collision: Helps pay for damages to your vehicle after an accident, regardless of whos at fault.2. Comprehensive: Protects you from non-accident related incidents like theft, vandalism or hail.3. Liability Car Insurance: Covers injuries and damages you cause to others and their property in an accident.4. New Car Replacement: Ensures you can


How can find the best yet affordable whole life insurance plans?

There are several insurance agencies that deliver the best quotes for affordable whole life insurance plans. There are some reliable companies that have good digital presence, and they offer whole life insurance plans that can be bought off the internet only. These companies often face competition in the market and are ready to deliver the best ben

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