Causes for Pain on the Top of the Foot

Other than your bones and muscles, your ligaments and tendons also play an equally important role in the functioning of your body. These parts of your legs carry your entire body weight throughout the day. Leg pain has become a common phenomenon these days. Many times people complain of pain on top of the foot which can make walking or even standing a difficult task. However, the severity of pain differs from person to person. The level of pain depends on the causes of this pain and the severity of any injuries. Let’s have a look at these causes of foot pain.

Causes of pain on the top of the foot
There can be many reasons for pain on the top of the foot. Activities such as running, kicking, and jumping are some of the more common causes of such pain. Here are some of the reasons for this pain.

Extensor tendonitis
One of the principal causes of extensor tendonitis is wearing and overusing tight-fitting shoes. The inflammation happens on the tendons that are on the top of the foot and are responsible for lifting the foot upwards.

Sinus tarsi syndrome
The channel between the ankle bone and the heel is known as sinus tarsi. Sinus tarsi syndrome happens when there is an inflammation of the sinus tarsi. Patients with this syndrome experience severe pain on the top of the foot.

Stress fractures of bones in the feet
If you have a fracture in your metatarsal bones, you will experience pain on the top of your foot. These bones are located at the top your feet. Swelling is the first symptom that patients with fractured metatarsal bones face.

Other causes

  • Gout is one of the causes of foot pain. Patients with gout feel pain in the joints at the base of their big toe.
  • Bone spurs are a painful condition that patients face near their toes.
  • Peripheral neuropathy is a condition where you will feel numbness, pain or a prickling sensation that spreads from your feet to your toe.

You can follow some home remedies to get relief from this pain on the top of your feet. However, if these home remedies don’t work, then you should consult a doctor. They will clarify whether you have an underlying medical issue or not.

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Causes for Pain on the Top of the Foot

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