Here is how you can prevent allergy cough symptoms

For people who suffer from allergies, the symptoms can be extremely agonizing. The main symptom that is commonly seen is constant coughing and this may make you feel like you lungs will pop out. Yes, we totally understand. Intense coughing can also lead to minor bleeding due to the breaking of small blood cells. The reason behind a cough is because it acts as a reflex and is caused by stimulation of the lining of the throat, nose, and lungs.

Allergy cough symptoms are caused due to various reasons such as dust, inhaling various pollutants to from work, the food you consume and more. In order to prevent allergy cough symptoms, it is essential to know the main reason behind it and you your doctor will be able to guide you with same. However, as the saying goes, Prevention is better than cure’ and so it is better to prevent the onset of allergy coughs altogether. And the following ways will help you keep away from allergy cough symptoms:

Drink clean water – Most times, people do not bother about the type of water that they consume.

When you are outside home, make sure that you strictly only drink water that is purified and safe. Drinking unclean water not only leads to allergy cough symptoms but can mingle with the well being of your abdomen.

Keep away from smoke and pollutants – The smoke in the air can be an irritant that stimulates your nose. Contaminated smoke like that from chemical industries can do more damage than you can imagine. Also, we all deal with pollutant on a daily basis. These pollutants can be anywhere, from the air to the water. Smoke and pollutants cause congestion in the respiratory tract.

Keep your surrounding clean – While not thought as a major trigger, a clean surrounding does cause a fair amount of damage. Ensure that your home is dust-free, while your office space is clean too. The use of a vacuum cleaner can help in keeping the area away from dust mites. Also, make sure that your air conditions are regularly serviced as they can emit dust particles too.

Eat healthy home cooked food – Eating outside can be enjoyable but can be yet another reason behind your allergy cough symptoms. Eating healthy food that is cooked at home is safe and not only aids in keeping away allergies but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Pay attention to mattress and curtain hygiene – Avoid and keep away from thick curtains as they attract a lot of dust. It is advisable to switch to thinner material curtains instead. You can also opt for hypoallergenic mattresses that are resistant to dust mites and other kinds of allergens.

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Here is how you can prevent allergy cough symptoms

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