Make the Most of Lawnmower Sales

Make the Most of Lawnmower Sales

A well-maintained lawn brings pride and joy to the homeowner. It gives the property a neat look. Maintenance of lawns, however, is a long and tiring process. An overgrown lawn keeps nagging the mind as an eyesore. Investing in a good lawn mower can maintain–or restore–the beauty of your house. Take advantage of an ongoing lawn mower sale to make that difference right away!

Selecting a lawn mower

There are different types of lawn mowers, including riding mowers or tractors, walk-behind or push lawn mowers, tow-behind mowers, and robotic mowers. Look out for the features that matter most to you instead of being swayed by the brand name or price tag. While selecting a machine from a lawn mower sale, pay attention to some basic products details like the quality of tires, adjustment options for grass height, and number and quality of blades.

Check for the riding comfort, noise-free performance, position of the gas tank, fuel capacity, capacity of grass bags, additional attachments like dethatchers, mulchers, seed and fertilizer dispensers, etc. If you are vigilant during an ongoing lawn mower sale, you could even get a rather steeply priced model at a great deal. For example, The Home Depot offered almost $350 off on the Beast 26-inch Walk Behind Finish Mower model with gas and rear wheel drive. The retail value was about $799, but a smart buyer could take it home only for about $449!

Dynamic range of models

Different types of lawn mowers are available for specific needs. Broadly, these are categorized into domestic, commercial or industrial machines, based on the nature of requirements. Self Propelled Mowers, Push Mowers, Cordless Mowers, Corded Electric Mowers, Wide Area Mowers, Reel Mowers, Field Mowers and Commercial Mowers are available in the market. If you manage a large resort or a golf course, daily maintenance and immaculate results are supreme. For such needs, a high-end commercial riding lawn mower or an industrial model is ideal.

Riding mowers or tractors entail minimum physical exertion and are especially helpful for large properties. High-end riding lawn mowers have zero-turn features. Push lawn mowers are generally used for smaller properties. Many people prefer walk-behind or push lawn mowers because they give them the joy of engaging personally and up close in their own gardens or properties. Good lawnmower sales offer excellent discounts on all kinds of models.

Finding lawn mower sales

With a little research, you can find a lawn mower that meets all your needs and that suits your pocket as well. Lucrative sales are announced on these products from time to time. Lawnmower sale at Sears, The Home Depot, Amazon, eBay, Target and others result in great savings. Offers are announced from time to time, usually on select models. There are bigger discounts on long weekends, especially Black Friday.

Walk-behind machines are often in the range of $100 to $600. For example, The Home Depot offered a flat $100 off on the Beast 26 inch Walk-Behind Mower model with 208cc power and electric start, self-propelling, spin-on oil filter and blade-brake clutch.

Recently, the Craftsman 27373 42″ 547cc Auto Riding Mower model had a flat 36% discount translating into savings of about $536 at the Sears Outlet. Sears Outlet offers some of the most attractive lawnmower sales. For example, The Sears Outlet offered 36% discount on the Craftsman Pro Series 54″ 26 HP V-Twin Kohler Garden Tractor Hydrostatic with TurnTight Extreme® features and smart lawn Bluetooth technology. This means about $1500 in savings! The model originally retails at about $3999. They also offered a weekly lease option.

Investing in a good machine will ease up your schedule and cut down the stress and labor that goes into regular lawn maintenance. So, what are you waiting for? Find the model that works for you and reap awesome discounts from a lawn mower sale now!

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