Essentials for mountain biking

Following a religion like motorbiking comes with excitement and challenges. You could enjoy the joy of riding, but it doubles up with the right accessories. A true biker will want to ensure that he is safe and comfortable during a long biking journey. Here is a list of four mountain biking must haves.

Riding gloves
Ridings gloves are necessary for two reasons—their looks and the safety they offer. A good grip depends a lot on the right riding glove. It’s important that you get a pair that provides the right amount of protection to your fingers and knuckles. Good gloves can minimize the impact of a fall to quite an extent. There are many kinds of gloves available in the market these days. You could choose from street gloves, safety gloves, and everyday gloves.

Protective jacket
A jacket that makes you feel secure and protected is a must have for any biker. Whether it is made of cloth or leather, it needs to have the right layering to work well. You can get one based on the looks since that is important as well.

CE certified jackets are always preferred because this certification means the jacket has the minimum grade pre-requisite for a good jacket. Make sure the protective jacket you buy can safeguard the elbows, shoulders, and back. Higher the CE grade, safer will be the jacket.

Helmet sound system
If you enjoy good music on the go, get a helmet with built-in speakers. Make sure that the speakers are high quality. Otherwise, you would just be wasting your money. Moreover, you can buy a tag that can be fixed to the back of your helmet. What this tag does is that it vibrates the sound in a manner that it surrounds the helmet to give you cinema-quality sound.

Phone charger
Getting a mobile charger on your motorcycle can prove to be a blessing. Firstly, there is one less thing to worry about. Secondly, you can enjoy a good ride for a longer time. It’s a great accessory to have on your motorbike since it allows you to charge on the go.

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Essentials for mountain biking

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