Best Roomba Vacuum Cleaners for You

With the new Roomba, your cleaning experience is sure to become easier than ever. A product of the iRobot brand, this electronic janitor ensures that you do not have to waste hours cleaning your house. With different models in the Roomba category, you can decide which of the below models is the best for your home.

  • 675 Robot Vacuum
    This is the most basic Roomba model offered by iRobot. It comes at a price of around $299.99 and is best for people who just want to do basic cleaning in the house. It is also reasonably priced, and, therefore, quite affordable if you are on a low budget.
  • 690 Robot Vacuum
    This is priced at about $349.99. This particular model offers dual multi-surface brushes and also comes with an edge sweeping brush, which helps clear all types of dirt from your house. It does not matter how big or small the dirt is, because all sizes of dirt can be cleaned by the 690 Robot Vacuum.
  • e5 Robot Vacuum
    The e5 Roomba Robot Vaccum is priced at around $449.99 and has powerlifting suction along with a filter that comes with high efficiency and helps clean all the surfaces thoroughly.
The intelligent in-built navigation along with the dirt detect technology are quite amazing features too.
  • 960 Robot Vacuum
    The visual navigation is quite advanced and the suction is 5 times stronger in this model, which is priced at around $699.99. Additionally, the recharging feature is quite beneficial, as it helps in resuming the cleaning in case the battery runs out in midst of functioning. You will have no problem keeping your houses spick and span with this model as your companion.
  • i7 Robot Vacuum
    Priced at USD 699.99, this Roomba vacuum comes with an in-built 3stage cleaning systems. One of the best features of this particular model is the Imprint Smart Mapping Technology, which ensures that this robot adapts to the varied setups of different rooms and cleans them accordingly.
  • Ii7+ Robot Vacuum
    Priced at just about 949.99, this particular robot not only helps you clean all the hidden dirt but also automatically cleans all the collected garbage and dirt in a disposable bag. This disposable bag can hold 30 robot bins, so you do not need to vacuum clean your house every week. It comes with rubber brushes made for different types of surfaces, which helps you keep all the floors completely clean.

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Best Roomba Vacuum Cleaners for You

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