Tips to Remember While Ordering a Pizza

Tips to Remember While Ordering a Pizza

Pizza cravings are real, and some of us give in to these cravings because pizza outlets have one of the best food delivery systems around the world. In this country, it’s easier to order given that we have at least one pizza place around every corner. While we are so comfortable with pizza delivery, how well do we know our pizza delivery system?

Here are a few tips to remember while you order a pizza delivery:

  • When you pick up the phone to order pizza, you must know the place or at least have an idea of their menu. You can always find the menu of most pizza delivery outlets online. So, do a simple search in advance and know what they serve. You can take time to ask a few questions when you are unsure about the toppings or have other concerns. However, deciding what you want before calling is better than calling up and staying on the phone for too long. You must follow these calling etiquettes while ordering food on the phone.
  • Learn to be patient. When you call for pizza delivery, you set a long process in motion. Once your order is taken, a ticket raised. Then, your pizza is prepared before it is sent out for delivery. A pizza typically takes about 20 minutes to go from the raw dough mode to a baked and packed pizza. And only then, a delivery agent can bring your pizza home.
  • There are chances that an accident could take place on the way. We often get furious when our pizza delivery is delayed even by a minute. But we need to consider that some grave reasons could be behind this delay. Try to avoid yelling at the pizza delivery agent at such occasions.
  • Every pizza delivery agent has to run several rounds during a shift. While they may choose this job, that does not mean that we’re entitled to be harsh with them, and make them feel bad for late deliveries or mixing up an order. At busy pizza joints, delivery mix-ups happen quite often. Instead of screaming at the person, try to resolve the situation by asking for a change or some discounts.

Apart from being kind to the pizza delivery agent, we can show some appreciation by giving them a good tip. It doesn’t have to be much, but 10% or close to 10% of your bill is a decent amount.

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