Volvo XC90, SUV redefined

Volvo XC90, SUV redefined

SUV’s are a common sight these days. More and more buyers prefer SUVs to accommodate large families since these vehicles are more spacious. But is an SUV a mere family car? The Volvo XC90 has redefined the traditional SUV to make it a luxury one.

The Volvo XC90 is much more than an SUV. It boasts all the functions of an SUV along with technology, luxury, and class with a Scandinavian touch.

Advanced features

The Volvo XC90 comes with advanced safety features like BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), which helps to steer assist while changing lanes on a busy street. There is a 360-degree surround vision camera to give a bird’s eye view of vehicles around your car.

For the Volvo XC90, safety comes first. It is loaded with safety features such as brake pedal release to reduce injuries on the right foot as a result of brakes, daytime running lights with daytime sensors, elevated center booster cushioned seats for children, and hill descent/start controls.

There are three variants in the Volvo XC90 Momentum, Inscription, and R-design. Each model is handcrafted with pure perfection, passion, and precision.

Momentum comes with Swedish technology that defines luxury and elegance. The features include a 9-inch centre console interactive touch screen, city safety mode for detecting pedestrians and cyclists, LED illuminated active bending lights, and power operated hands-free tailgate.

The Inscription gives a luxurious feel to the buyer who wants every detailing fine and exquisite. The Inscription speaks of plush comfortable seats with multi-colored theatre lighting. A complete integrated Apple Car Play that syncs with the iPhone makes it even more desirable.

R-Design comes under the sports car category. One cannot stop but get adventurous with its unique matt silver mirror covers, 22-inch diamond cut/matte alloy wheels, and 12-inch driver display that gives the R-Design a sporty look and touch.


Today when we are all connected with our smart devices, then why not connect our cars too with such devices? All Volvo XC90 models give you the control of being connected with your loved ones. Connect and integrate your smartphone with the inbuilt voice activated Bluetooth-enabled touchscreen dashboard panel. The voice control feature enables the driver to multi-task while driving and talking at the same time. One can even sync the phone as a key to your vehicle, thanks to Digital key technology.

Leasing options

For buyers who are looking to lease Volvo XC90, they can choose from:-

  • XC90 T5 Momentum: Monthly lease comes to $465 for 39 months and $4,565 due at signing.
  • XC90 T6 AWD Momentum plus: Monthly lease is $539 for 39 months and $4,639 due at signing.
  • XC90 T8 plug-in Hybrid eAWD R-Design: Monthly lease is $675 for 39 months and $4,775 due at signing.

Experience the innovation and technology called Volvo XC90 that will change the future of SUVs.

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